Yashilan seamless wall cloth, reeds fluttering a d

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The reeds of yashilan seamless wall cloth stood shamefully in the river of long time, facing each other across the bank, swinging into a distant breeze

the reeds are green, and the dew is frost

the so-called Iraqis are on the water side

follow it, and the road is blocked and long. Swim back from it, just like in the middle of the water

in the bookofsongs, Jianjia is the most beautiful one, and Jianjia is what we now call "Reed"

the cold moonlight has not yet faded, the bright red sun has just risen, the reeds are thicket by the water bank, the white fog is boundless, and the long wind is thousands of miles across the water. It is cleverly hidden in the bookofsongs, and gradually emits a fragrance in the lines that leak the wind, water and moonlight

"the thin shadow slants horizontally, the water is clear, and the faint fragrance floats in the moonlight at dusk". The Nightingale crosses the willow shoots, and the moonlight is hazy on the water bank. The thoughts of the early people in Myanmar are reflected. The reed, in the white moonlight refraction, is allowed to be the world of mortals and sneak into a dark dream

catkins full of body, pool and embankment float into the heart

analysis of Yashi LAN reed

like a wise man, experiencing spring, summer, autumn and winter. Condense the safety and tranquility of the wilderness into eternal silence

It' S show time

my poem

grows into the waiting of life

the protagonist of the story

is parked on the other side of the autumn water

it seems to see your eyes

a small boat in the dream

floats far away to me

so I hold a clump of reeds

is quietly parked on the other bank with you

the reeds of yashilan, in the river of long time.Standing in shame, facing each other across the bank, swing into a distant breeze

plain practice, turning flowers, beating waves on the embankment, and sound before and after the interceptor. Clear waves and dangerous roads are impenetrable, reeds are windy, and white birds fly. In that summer evening, I picked up a piece of yellow reed leaf and gently placed it on the tip of my heart

(image and text source: yashilan seamless wall cloth, invasion and deletion)




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