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Unconsciously, 2016 has passed, and a period of time has been erased from our lives. Looking back at 2016, which is gradually far away from us, there are reluctance, hardship, joy, tears, joy, touching and harvest! But it is more about longing for the future, diluting the difficult start of 2016, abandoning the pursuit and suffering of 2016, and dispersing the struggle and suffering of 2016. In 2017, we worked together with Kangying high-grade aluminum alloy doors and windows, set sail, and set out with full blessings and wishes

summary in 2016, Kangying doors and windows has been adhering to the business philosophy of "integrity, professionalism and win-win" since its inception in 2005, adhering to the user first, quality first, serving customers with science and technology, adhering to technological progress, continuous innovation and continuous transcendence, and has become a powerful and large enterprise in the home furniture industry. We have always been firm in our goal of "diligence" and "persistence". Success cannot be separated from diligence. No matter whether we have talent or not, diligence is always the necessity and foundation of success. Kang Ying people are conscious and do not need to whip themselves. Kangying team has always regarded "diligence" and "persistence" as the driving force for the survival and development of the enterprise. The development and progress of Kangying doors and windows in 2016 are closely linked with "diligence" and "persistence". The development process of Kangying doors and windows is not smooth sailing. We have encountered various difficulties and problems in R & D, production and sales, but Kangying people have perseverance, will adhere to it, never give up, and finally become a victory

this year, Kangying doors and windows participated in the Guangzhou building materials and home doors and windows exhibition in March, and successfully held the third national dealer high-end wealth summit of Kangying doors and windows and the 2016 new product launch and the 2016 national excellent dealer representative "development forum" conference of Kangying doors and windows, with exclusive interviews with dealer representatives, In 2016, Kangying doors and windows launched nine series of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows products, including "Earl, viscount, Baron, knight, knight, guardian, PD door, electric sunshine room, automatic induction door". The nine series of doors and windows products have also become the most popular in 2016. Kangying doors and windows has brought business success and wealth to dealers, wealth creation opportunities and future to dreamers, and health and happy life to thousands of families

Kangying pioneered the concept of silent doors and windows in the industry, linking life with enjoying life, linking technology with experience, and connecting marketing with the Internet, creating an innovative concept of "quiet era" of life, and quickly occupying the national door and window market. Now, Kangying door and window products have been radiated to users in major, medium and small cities across the country, and the market share is rising. He hopes to work together with dealers across the country to create brilliance in the future

since the establishment of Kangying doors and windows in 2005, we have learned to be grateful for what we have, whether it's a healthy body or a satisfactory job. We are more grateful for the Kangying family who have been supporting us warmly and giving us so much care and love. It is you who have given us confidence and persistence. We want to say thank you to our relatives and friends from all walks of life and new and old customers who support the development of Kangying! Kangying will be more wonderful and brilliant because of you

let's welcome 2017 together. In the new year, Kangying high-grade aluminum alloy doors and windows bless you to stand out among the "chickens". The "chickens" are prosperous, the business is prosperous, the financial resources are extensive, and the family is happy. In 2017, we have too many dreams to realize. Kangying is willing to walk with you happily and warmly! Let's work together to realize our common dream




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