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At present, parents have paid attention to the selection of materials in the decoration of children's houses, but in fact, it is not true that the decoration of children's houses with all environmental protection materials can meet the environmental protection requirements. Let's take a look at what should be paid attention to in the decoration of children's rooms to avoid pollution

reasonably calculate the space bearing capacity of the house. At present, all kinds of decorative materials on the market will release some harmful gases. Even the materials that meet the national limit standard for harmful substances in interior decoration materials will cause the harmful substances in the indoor air to exceed the standard in a certain amount of indoor space. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the bearing capacity of the materials in the housing space in terms of what materials are laid on the ground, whether the wall is painted or pasted with wallpaper, the size of the furniture volume and the selection of materials, and try to use simple decorative materials when decorating the children's room

according to the national indoor air quality standard, the indoor fresh air volume should be no less than 30 cubic meters per person per hour. Indoor fresh air fans and air conditioners with ventilation function should also be installed in children's rooms

reserve pollution advance for indoor purchase of children's furniture and other decorative supplies. Because indoor air pollution is the accumulation of various pollutants in the indoor air, if the indoor harmful substances have been above or below the national standard at the end of the decoration project, then if you buy furniture and other decorative supplies, these items will also release harmful gases, which will cause the indoor pollutants to exceed the standard





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